Make Me a Sandwich

You may be familiar with xkcd's comic #149, and the ensuing tee-shirt. This has been a bit of a running joke in the Butter office, often coming up when teaching someone the basics of linux commands. As it's one of our developer/project manager's, Eve's, last day today, I decided to put together a little parting gift in the form of a bash script.

sudo makemeasandwich

For anyone that's interested here's the code:

if [ "$UID" -ne  0 ]; then
 echo "make your own damn sandwich.";
 exit $E_NOT_ROOT;
 echo '

               _.-~       ~-._
           _.-~               ~-._
       _.-~                       ~---.
   _.-~                                 ~\
.-~                                    _.;
:-._                               _.-~ ./
`-._~-._                   _..__.-~ _.-~|
 /  ~-._~-._              / .__..--~----.
\_____(_;-._\.        _.-~_/       ~).. . \ 
   /(_____  \`--...--~_.-~______..-+_______)
 .(_________/`--...--~/    _/           /\
/-._     \_     (___./_..-~__.....__..-~./
`-._~-._   ~\--------~  .-~_..__.-~ _.-~
    ~-._~-._ ~---------   / .__..--~
        ~-._\.        _.-~_/

On a side note, I'll take this opportunity to wish Eve the best of luck for the future. Eve was Digital Butter's first employee, and our office is definitely not going to be the same without her. I know she will be missed by both our team and our clients.

Tags: bash
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