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A holistic and integrated digital strategy is essential to building a successful ecommerce business; whether it be targeting retail customers, business-to-business, or launching an online marketplace.

At Digital Butter we immerse ourselves into our clients' businesses, taking a consultative approach to strategic planning. We then use our depth of expertise in web design and technical development to launch beautiful and effective ecommerce websites & platforms.

Ecommerce Website Design & Development Pricing

Indicative pricing for different types of ecommerce web design & development projects is listed below.

Goal oriented ecommerce web design

Our ecommerce website design approach focuses on simplifying the customer journey. This means helping customers find what they are looking for quickly, with minimal effort. In order to achieve this, we map customer journey and design a website structure required to make browsing and buying products or services easy. We then iterate through page interface designs, with business objectives considered at every step.

This certainly means using design to target product sales, but also may include encouraging customers to sign up to newsletters or to follow social media pages. Each of our client's objectives are unique, but our goal oriented design approach always remains the same.

Scalable ecommerce website development

At the start of any new ecommerce web project we’ll conduct an assessment of business requirements, and map out an implementation plan for technical delivery. We’ll recommend appropriate shopping cart software to suit the business need, and ensure that an adequate inventory management system is in place to provide for logistical and operational needs. When selecting a payment gateway we lean towards delivering a great customer experience, but we will always consider operational requirements of the business too.

Prior to launch, we put in place additional third party systems that will help our clients facilitate their marketing and customer service needs. Depending on the business need, this might include linking up CRM software such as Salesforce, email marketing systems like Mailchimp, or chat integrations like Intercom. We ensure that when we launch, our clients are ready to manage and monitor ongoing communications with their customers.

Digital marketing for ecommerce platforms

Whether launching a new ecommerce venture, or upgrading an existing ecommerce platform, the most important thing post launch is to attract customers to the website. We offer a range of digital marketing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs with respect to their competitive landscape.

Search Engine Marketing for ecommerce websites

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a very effective strategy to gain both customer insights, and attract visitors to websites. We research search trends and target keywords that are likely to help the right type of people find our client’s products or services. We work within stated budgets and we continuously optimise so that return on investment is always increasing.

Our SEM services

Search Engine Optimization for ecommerce websites

Similar to PPC, we research search trends and carefully map keywords to a website’s pages. We then conduct a combination of onsite and offsite optimisation to help the website rank organically for searches that are relevant to our client's and their competitors' products or services.

Our SEO services

Analytics Consultancy and Ecommerce Website Optimisation

Every ecommerce platform should be continuously monitored and optimised. We’re always seeking ways to make things clearer and easier for customers to shop and complete transactions. Through the process of reviewing, testing, and optimising, sales conversion rates can be improved over time.

Selected Hong Kong Ecommerce Website Design & Development Case Study

Hong Kong Ecommerce Website Design & Development Case Study for Child's Own

Taking a successful offline business online through custom ecommerce development & thoughtful user experience design.

Ecommerce Development Case Study

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