Funding available: 

You can apply for up to $100,000 HKD to cover 50% of the expenses from one activity. There are no limits on how many times you can apply for the SME export marketing fund grants, however each business has a cap of $400,000 HKD in total funding.


If you are a non-listed SME enterprise registered in Hong Kong and have “substantive business operations in Hong Kong” you can apply. To prove this, you can include your Hong Kong Business registration details and proof of your MPF payments to staff.

Scope of the funding:

1. Cost to exhibit at trade fairs or exhibitions outside Hong Kong, or local trade fairs which target markets outside of Hong Kong

2. Run advertising campaigns in printed trade publications which mainly target at markets outside Hong Kong

3. Any export digital marketing activities (such as placing advertisements, Google Ads and keyword search, listing product information, setting up or improving your ecommerce website).

4. Setting up or improving your corporate website and/or mobile application for your business which mainly targets at markets outside Hong Kong.

Process & Application Timings: 

You have up to 60 days after the date of the activity to submit an application for funding. The government has reported the processing time to be up to 30 working days after submission. If you are thinking of applying you can download the forms from the SME export marketing fund website,  and submit in person

1. Guide to application

2. Application form

List of approved projects: 

The Hong Kong government publishes sample applications which help you see the detail and documentation required. To exhibit at a trade event, the form can be quite lengthy, but relatively straightforward to complete.

Setting up your ecommerce store or corporate website:

If you are thinking of setting up an ecommerce store, corporate website or just improving your current digital platforms, you can see a sample application here

Digital Butter has had partners which have successfully applied for funding from the Hong Kong government for new website projects and can ensure all required documentation is provided quickly so you can secure your funding!

If you are interested in a web design and development project that helps you access markets outside of Hong Kong, speak to us directly about your requirements and how we can help launch your website!

Not right for your business?

If this funding option is not right for you, check out our list of other government backed startup, SME and new business funding options.

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If you'd like our opinion, or have a brief you'd like to share, then please get in touch, we'd love to hear what you're up to!