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Is your Hong Kong e-commerce website due for a revamp? Check out the following questions to evaluate if your current web design meets your business needs.
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Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
August 05, 2021

As with physical stores, there are many factors that can influence a renovation.

Imagine your favourite fashion brand still has shops that look like they're straight from the 90s. It probably wouldn’t be as successful as it is today, right?

Appearance and incorporation of the right technology will give your shop a professional look - regardless if it’s offline and online.

If you're in the e-commerce industry, your goal is to stand out. In order to succeed, you need to check your website to make sure it’s up to snuff. If not, then maybe it’s time for a website revamp.

E-commerce is, without a doubt, a lucrative industry and offers excellent opportunities. In fact, Hong Kong e-commerce revenues are projected to reach US$ 8,658 million this year, according to Statista.

But this also means there will be plenty of competitors fighting for the attention of 6.92 million Hong Kong internet users.

We’ve outlined a few questions for you to determine whether the current design of your website is overdue for an upgrade. And if so, perhaps you can do something to make it more competitive and successful.

Is Your E-commerce Website Facing Tech Issues?

Technical Issue

If so, then it can be an issue. Online shoppers tend to be impatient. After all, the primary appeal of e-commerce is convenience. Take that away, and your target audience can quickly jump off to your rival’s website.

Therefore, you need to ensure your user experience is always secure and seamless. Here are some things you need to consider to make that happen:

Page Loading Time

How long does it take for your website to load? Loading times affect customer behaviour. Slow-loading websites risk losing not only current customers but also future ones.

If your website is loading slower than Google’s recommended 2 seconds, you might want to look into hiring a web design Hong Kong agency like Butter to speed it up. According to SemRush, if you want your website to be faster than 75% of websites on the internet, you need to aim for 1.7 seconds.

On-site Time

When you go to the commercial centre, you’re likely to window shop or go in and out of a store, right? Unless, of course, something captures your attention. If that’s the case, you stick to that shop a little longer.

When it comes to e-commerce, it’s even easier to go from shop to shop. You should try to maximize the time spent on your website because a study revealed that people are most likely to make a purchase after spending 50 seconds on a page.

Leads and Conversions

Your e-commerce website is not only the internet’s counterpart for a physical retail shop, it’s also your primary marketing tool. With the right SEO and content strategy, you can generate successful leads and turn “passers-by” into brand loyalists. We’ll talk more on this later.

Bounce Rate

Your site’s bounce rate indicates whether your visitors have a good or bad experience after landing on your site. Based on Contentsquare benchmark data, e-commerce sites have a 47% bounce rate on average. But it varies across devices and industries.

A website revamp can reduce the bounce rate of your website. This circles us back to the other elements on the list. With a higher on-site time, you can get quality information in front of your web visitors and guide them further down the sales funnel.

Dead Links

Dead links, broken links, or link rot — whatever you call them, they’re bad for business. Not only do they affect SEO, but they also affect user experience - both of which negatively impact your revenue.

Therefore, you need to weed them out. And the first step is to perform a site audit to check for these unwanted dead links.


E-Commerce sites built on DIY platforms or those built on the cheap can be problematic. If you add features that will improve security and performance, often you can’t expect it to work. E-Commerce stores often struggle with managing a shopping cart, taking payments, and optimizing for search engines.

But that’s not all. UI design also loses its relevance over time. Eventually, all of these will result in a less enjoyable user experience. And as you already know, a poorly performing website doesn’t encourage shoppers to shop.

Is Your Current Website Incompatible with Your Rebranding?

website revamp

It should. Your website represents your brand online. If you decide to go through a major overhaul of your business or branding, your website should reflect the changes.

Did you change your target audience? If so, do you think they will respond to your current web design?

For example, if your e-commerce business caters primarily to traditional shoppers, but you’ve decided to expand your offering to Gen Z, is your website design going to motivate your new target audience to shop on your website? The same question applies if you have launched a new product or service.

These are all critical because you need your website to attract the right clients. But you don’t need it to get to this point before you seek out a website revamp. Simple elements such as changes in photography style should be translated all through your website. Visitors crave consistency. A unified brand presentation has been shown to boost revenue by 33%.

If one element isn’t in tune with the rest of your website, you risk losing your visitor's attention. A consistent brand image makes it easier for customers to relate to your business and to remember you.

Website designs undergo a series of changes because trends come and go. So aside from rebranding, you need to ensure your website keeps up with the times. New integrations, such as content management systems, marketing automation APIs, and so much more, will help you run your business better and keep users engaged.

Is Your E-Commerce Site not Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile > Desktop

If it isn’t, it will affect your business. According to Statista, 90% of the Hong Kong population is a smartphone user, and more than 40% of HK people make purchases via their mobile devices.

If you’ve built your website over five years ago, the chances are that it lacks both functionality and looks. In addition, outdated codes can impact the speed of loading and responsiveness on different devices - especially on mobile.

There are a handful of things you need to tweak to ensure your website performs well on mobile, not just the desktop. For instance, you need to adjust page orientation and make the buttons bigger, so they’re easier to click.

If you don’t optimize for mobile users, you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities. Wondering just how many of them visit your website? Google Analytics can help you find out the answer. If you don’t want this lot to slip through your fingers, read this article about website responsiveness.

Is it Time to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?


The answer should always be yes. SEO offers the highest ROI of any e-commerce marketing campaign. It’s a golden opportunity that you should leverage to maximize your profits without investing too much money.

The only challenge is Google’s algorithms change regularly. Essentially, if your website displays the same content and information as it did a few years back or even a few months ago, your ranking will probably drop.

You can evaluate the performance of your conversion metrics and content while redesigning your website. Search engine rankings are an indicator of how up-to-date the content of your site is.

Additionally, you should consider other technical SEO factors that may require the assistance of web development experts, such as internal link architecture and crawling.

If you’re revamping your brand, you also need to focus on both content and design, specifically when it comes to structural changes on the site. Focusing on SEO is key to avoid ranking issues and traffic loss associated with the new brand when redesigning your website.

Rankings tell you a lot about the performance of your business. Therefore, including SEO Optimization in your digital strategy can help you build a successful e-commerce business.

Did You Answer Yes to the Questions?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, it’s time to think about upgrading your website.

Your e-commerce website is the online equivalent of a physical shop. As physical stores undergo renovations to stay current, improve customer experience, and remain competitive, so should your website.

Luckily, changing your website doesn't cost as much as renovating a brick-and-mortar store. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. Digital Butter has been part of Hong Kong’s web design industry for years. We have 10+ years of expertise in web design & development as well as e-commerce store design and build. Creating professionally designed websites is one of our specialties.

Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
Digital Strategist
Tiffany is a Biochemistry graduate from CUHK. After graduation, she worked as a Digital & Analytics intern at L'Oréal APAC for more than a year before joining Butter as part of the Graduate Programme. Tiffany now works closely with the Strategy and Business Development Team to meet output expectations and contributes to managing client projects within Butter.
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