Strategy & Consulting

The future of many industries is digital. That much is for sure.

Digital transformation, disruption and automation are at the core of the many successful client projects that puts Digital Butter at the cutting edge.

We go deep with clients to understand their business from a number of perspectives, and put forward digital first solutions that make waves. Our strategy and consulting process coupled with our deep technical expertise continues to separate us from the competition.

We're a deliberately lean team of experts, looking to solve business problems through strategy and consulting, design, technology and marketing activation.

Inbound and Outbound Business Development

Our strategy and consulting efforts start with initial client engagements. To facilitate this we have both inbound and outbound focused digital strategist roles.

Through Digital Butter’s reputation and inbound marketing initiatives, we get a stream of clients who are wanting to discuss high level digital projects which often turn into long term partnerships for the agency.

Our outbound efforts consist of finding opportunities where the Digital Butter working process and offering can help drive digital transformation, disruption and/or automation that can dramatically improve a clients bottom line.

Whether you have a preference for inbound or outbound focus, or not, the Digital Strategist should not think of themselves as a salesperson. Rather, the role focuses on presenting ideas, qualifying whether we are the correct agency for a client’s needs, and helping to iterate strategic ideas and project plans until client prospects are ready to kick start with our production team.

Digital Strategy

At Digital Butter we believe in a consultative approach to our client engagements. After a client has expressed interest in us, we work together through creative exploration of their objectives, creation of appropriate project plans, with scope of work definitions that can be executed by the agency.

This approach to strategy and business development requires an inquisitive mind, and a genuine interest in business, strategy, and specifically digital solutions. We work across industry sectors, and so variety exists across the project briefs that we take on. This needs a flexible mindset, and a love for helping solve complex business problems across industry verticals.

Whether your client focus is inbound or outbound, we are looking for objective, critical thinkers, that want to learn from data, and optimise their work.

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