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When Digital Butter was founded in Hong Kong back in 2009, a lean startup approach was at the heart of our agency's strategy for growth. Along the way we partnered with many talented entrepreneurs to launch various Hong Kong startup ventures.

While our client base now includes global brands and household names, we continue to partner with exciting Hong Kong startups and use our expertise in web application and software development to help bring new startup business ideas to life.

In the past year, we have helped multiple startups launch their MVP, get funding, and continue to grow their fledgling businesses.

Before we start, we work closely with our startup clients to validate ideas, and plan for an MVP that keeps things lean, while offering a digital product that delivers the core value proposition.

Our web design team is highly technical, and likes to dive in to prototyping early. This allows us to explore UX with interactive html interfaces, rather than static designs. We'll work closely with you to iterate towards a beautiful, and user-friendly website or app.

Whether launching with fairly basic functionality, or targeting complex web app software development, our web developers are adept across front and back end programming, and configuring scalable cloud based hosting architecture.

We are experts in online marketing strategies, including on platform conversion optimisation, lead generation, Display advertising (SEM), Search engine optimisation, email marketing, and social media. We’ll help launch your new startup with a lean but highly targeted digital campaign.

Funding Options for Hong Kong Startups

We recognise that seed round investment can be hard to come by, and investors often want to see a live MVP, and some level of market traction before making a committment to your startup idea.

When we are particularly excited by a startup idea, we will try to find payment structures that can help new businesses get off the ground. Equity in exchange for development can sometimes be a good option.

Selected Hong Kong Startup Development Case Study: VenueHub

Digital Butter provided website design and development services to VenueHub, one of Hong Kong's leading tech startups

Digital Butter Partnered with one of Hong Kong's leading startups funded by the Cyberport to transform the venue booking market.

Startup Web Development Case Study

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