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Projects start from HKD $120,000 and launch is possible in 2 months

Ideal for small to medium sized businesses looking for a powerful, flexible and heavily customisable bespoke solution.

What is Craft Commerce?

Craft Commerce is a self-hosted ecommerce platform that is purpose-built to give complete freedom in design, refreshingly simple multi-lingual content management, whilst enabling powerful ecommerce features that satisfy the needs of almost all businesses. 

Craft Commerce with Digital Butter

  • Brainstorm and refine your ideas with our experienced Digital Strategists
  • Collaborate with a leading creative team to perfectly position your brand online with a completely bespoke design
  • Tailor your customer journeys to optimise your sales funnel, architecting with our UX design team
  • Configure your content under close guidance from our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists
  • Reach a larger audience by localising your content into multiple languages
  • Optimise for all devices with our best in class development standards
  • Leave no stone unturned - Our Ecommerce project manager will walk you through operational setup, across product, shipping and payment configurations
  • Launch in as soon as 6-8 weeks!
  • Activate powerful online marketing strategies, reach customers and maximise sales, working with our Digital Marketing experts


Scale into different languages and markets

Craft Commerce is designed to allow website owners to launch their sites in multiple different languages, in different currencies. 

Slick Backend

Craft Commerce has a no-nonsense, slick and modern backend interface that even works perfectly on your mobile phone. The ease of use means that training your staff to operate the website is a breeze.

Customised to your business requirements

With Craft Commerce, there is no need to compromise. With access to the coding of the entire system, our software developers can customise all aspects of the system to meet your exact needs.

No Design Limitations

Craft Commerce is a designer's dream. Working with a blank slate, you will not be restricted to the use of 'themes' and can ensure that your website design is completely bespoke, and any content can be updated in a matter of clicks.

Questions about Craft Commerce

Can I operate my online store in multiple languages with Craft Commerce?

Yes! Unlike other solutions such as Wordpress and Shopify which require sub-standard third party plugins, Craft Commerce is designed at the core to allow site owners to run their site in as many languages as they choose. As a core feature of Craft, every aspect of the system can be translated, making the content management job simple for website administrators, and efficient for website developers. 

If you are looking for a multi-lingual ecommerce solution, we strongly recommend Craft Commerce as a best-in-class solution.

What are the ongoing fees I will need to pay?

Craft Commerce is subject to a USD $1,000 one-off license fee. This license fee entitles website owners to commercial support from the official Craft team for the lifetime of your website. This means that any future features released by Craft Commerce will become available to you, and that there will be optimisations and bug fixes applied on an ongoing basis.

Besides the one-off license fee, since Craft Commerce is a self-hosted solution, you will also need a hosting server. 

Lastly, depending on the payment gateway that you use (e.g. Stripe, or PayPal), you will need to pay fees based on transaction volumes. Note that these fees are in place for all ecommerce website owners regardless of the software they use to run their websites. 

Can I use Craft Commerce in China?

Yes! Since Craft Commerce is a self hosted solution, you have control of where you host your website. If you are heavily targeting the China market, then you will want to host your website 'behind the firewall', which is not possible if you use a hosted solution like Shopify. There are necessary admin steps required in order to host a site in China, and certain licenses need to be applied for. Our Ecommerce project managers can walk you through this process.

How customisable is Craft Commerce?

Craft Commerce is a designer's dream. The system has been architected to allow designers to create entirely bespoke designs from the ground up, without limitations. 

As software developers, we also have complete access to all of the code, which means that all aspects of the system can be modified if necessary. Whilst this is also true of other systems such as Wordpress, Craft Commerce has a stronger basic framework, meaning that 'out of the box' functionality is often enough for most businesses leading to it being both best-in-class, and best value.

How long does it take to launch a site on Craft Commerce?

Since Craft Commerce is such a flexible platform, the answer to this question is dependent on your exact requirements. Craft Commerce projects tend to fall in the range of 6-8 weeks, where content is available before we start, and design requirements are easy to deliver on quickly. This may extend if you are launching in many different languages, or you have a complex database of products for example. Once we understand your business a little bit more, we are able to give you a fairly accurate timeline and budget estimate.

Is there a cheaper solution available?

Shopify is a great alternative, if you are on a tighter budget and can work within its limitations. Learn more here.

Craft Commerce projects start from HKD $120,000 and launch is possible in 2 months.

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