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New Shopify E-commerce Build
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Sustainable Fashion
Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Shopify Build
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Partnering with a Hong Kong based Growth Company to Launch E-commerce

Having identified a position in the market for a sustainable fashion company that leveraged deadstock materials from local factories, Love from Blue needed to get to market quickly with a platform that was easy for a small team to manage.

Platform Objectives

Love from Blue had a unique business model founded in the historic shadow that has always been cast over the fashion industry by its lack of sustainable initiatives. Their goal was simple, create a fashion brand that produced zero waste, and created products using deadstock material from local factories.

A big part of implementing this vision was creating a business model based on pre-ordering, to ensure that there was no overproduction and left over stocks from collections. Butter crafted a Shopify build that allowed them to run pre-orders on a product variant basis, and then manage the payment, fulfilment, and logistics.

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Shopify was selected as the e-commerce platform for the brand as it allowed the business top get to market quickly, while saving money on upfront costs that would be required for a custom build. It also met many of Love from Blue’s business requirements out of the box and this was also a key factor in the decision.

Love from Blue had a clear vision for their brand identity and how they wanted to be presented to the market. But they also knew that going through an entirely custom UX and UI design process would take a time and require further investment. So we identified the Shopify Cascade theme as the theme that aligned with their UX style best, we then helped define the Love from Blue digital brand and styled the theme to create a unique storefront.

The main operational configuration centred around the pre-order logic. Butter implemented the Globe Pre-order App within Shopify to help craft a custom workflow that matched their business. It allowed the team to define the pre-order logic and the way this was presented to their end users.

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The main challenge for Love from Blue was creating a pre-order workflow that actually worked for the team, and that was simple to process within the backend. Butter had to test and review many plugins to find the best fit and process for Love from Blue, before eventually landing on Globe Per-order. Once this was decided, it was a matter of matching the logic to the Love from Blue product collection to make sure the configuration was ready for launch!

As with all growth companies, being fast and agile is always key. This did provide challenges to Digital Butter, specifically around the production of content. Love from Blue curated amazing content and images, but these were not ready until near the end of the project build. To help ensure that this did not compromise the design or identity of the platform, Butter worked closely with the Love from Blue team to put together moodboards and style references to help guide the design whilst the final images and product shots were gathered.

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The site successfully launched within 4 weeks and as of writing has sold over 50 bespoke, sustainable knitwear products to a global audience.