We do things differently

At Butter, we aspire to take on the most technically challenging & creatively testing work. Work that redefines category excellence & accelerates platform profitability.

Our partnerships with clients span years. Trust is a precious commodity. The trust our clients show in us & the trust we show in each other. It encourages brave decision making, unleashes creative confidence & gets the job done.

We believe there is no trust without transparency. Butter is a glass box not a black box.

There are no walls. No hidden agendas. We are open by design.

We are a glass box, not a black box

Butter's values and philosophies are spread across every part of who we are and how we do things. We melt together strategy, design, creativity and technology to drive success through digital transformations and constant progress.

Ever Flexible

Runs core to our DNA - How we work, when we work, the way we work. We will build an environment that suits us.

People first

Our people are our product. Our ideas, creativity and delivery is our value. Promoting wellbeing and happiness in our people is a must.

Constantly Evolving

We are constantly progressing as individuals and as a group. We prioritize progress. We take ourselves and our work seriously.


Nationalities, backgrounds, expertise, disciplines, interests and styles. Diversity helps us with connectedness.

Balance of Respect

We’re proud of our team and proud our knowledge. We want to build strategic partnerships, not a list of client executions.

It’s all about our people

Our connectedness is not only enhanced by our diverse nationalities, backgrounds, expertise, disciplines, interests and styles. But the Butter way of churning these together have deciphered our persona, the way we work and how we continue evolving together.

Michael Ashton
Managing Partner
Joe Green
Strategy Lead
Dhanishta Sadhwani
Digital Strategist
Daniel Jackson
Senior Developer
Francine Wei
Senior Developer
Full Stack Developer
Agam Adhityo
Full Stack Developer
Sadia Shamma
Senior UX/UI Designer
Tiffany Pau
Digital Producer

Music boosts our creative process

We are a lean team, with a mix of expat and Hong Kong Chinese people. Generally the studio works quietly in deep focus, while Spotify dishes up quiet background music based on our queues across a range of genres. Sneak a peek into our collaborative jukebox here!

Behind the scenes


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