Case Study: Hong Kong Sevens Fan Forecaster

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The Brief

As the digital agency partner for the Hong Kong Sevens website for several years now, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas that could help the organisation reach and engage new fans.

The parameters we set for ourselves were that any campaign concept would need to have clearly measurable Key Performance Indicators, including fan engagement, and the impact on event sponsorship value, while also creating monetisation opportunities.

The concept we took to Hong Kong Sevens was to give the fans around the world an opportunity to actively engage with the event, rather than simply watching on television.

fan engagement

marketing assets

Develop monetization

Raise tournament's
digital status

The Concept

Integrate a campaign game mechanic into the existing Hong Kong Sevens website interfaces, allowing fans to submit score predictions for match results at the Hong Kong Sevens. Points were accrued for correct match predictions, and fans automatically competed as individuals, as well as for a country they chose to represent.

Interface Design

We knew we had to create an experience that seamlessly integrated with the design and layout of the 2018 tournament website, providing clear calls to action to encourage user engagement but without dominating the interface nor detracting from the core website experience for users not wanting to get involved.

We made minimal but effective alterations to the scoring component and used pop-up modals to discreetly house the main voting interface.

Before After
Original Layout Fan Forecaster Layout

Technical Architechture

Given the high-traffic nature of the Hong Kong Sevens website during the tournament weekend, it was a priority to minimise any additional server load that the new digital experience would create. In addition, it was important to implement a framework that allowed for live scoring updates and game interaction without the user having to reload the page to provide more of an ‘app’ like experience in both look and feel.

To achieve those two goals, we leveraged modern, high availability web services that handled all the heavy lifting outside of the primary web server and delivered data to the website front end via APIs. From user authentication, to data storage and leaderboard score processing, everything was handled with the right tool for the job.


Modern front end javascript framework for interface development

Firebase Realtime Database

Cloud-hosted database designed for lightning quick data querying and storage

Facebook Login

Seamless and secure user authentication

Amazon Lambda Service

High availability and highly scalable code execution platform



With thousands of game predictions made and players from dozens of countries around the world getting involved, the Hong Kong Sevens Fan Forecaster was not only a success, but set a new standard for Fan engagement in the World Sevens Series competition.

The Hong Kong Sevens was also able to generate a large marketing list for future campaigns which it can use to increase awareness of next year's competition, well in advance.

Thousands of
user match predictions

Participants from
30 countries

High levels of traffic
to campaign related web pages

We are very pround of the campaign’s success, and are excitedly looking forward to the 2019 event.

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