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Announcing Simplesheet Craft CMS Plugin

A spreadsheet-like field for Craft CMS 3.
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Digital Butter
By Digital Butter
July 18, 2020

Simplesheet is a Craft CMS Plugin built for CMS administrators who regularly need to interact with and upload content that would typically be managed in a spreadsheet.

Simplesheet allows administrators to skip the typical, but error prone 'CSV upload' step that would normally be built to allow uploading content from spreadsheets, by instead interacting with a native-feeling spreadsheet editor directly in Craft.

What it does

Provides admin users with a native feeling spreadsheet tool:

  • Use all your favourite navigation shortcuts
  • Copy and paste from Excel or google instead of uploading CSV files

Provides developers with handy ways to render content on the frontend:

  • Display a view-only spreadsheet on your web frontend with a single function call in
    your templates
  • Access the raw data for free-form templating

If you're interested to know where we see this plugin going in future, take a look at the Simplesheet roadmap.

See it in action:

Simple Sheet demo

Get the plugin:

Head over to the GitHub repository, or download the plugin from the Craft plugin store.

Seeking input & feedback

We're also keen to hear how the other Craft site owners might want to use a field type like this - feel free to make feature requests (or even better, pull requests) in our GitHub repo.

Special thanks to Daniel Jackson who authored the plugin!

Digital Butter
By Digital Butter
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