Craft CMS

What is Craft CMS?

Craft is a flexible, user-friendly CMS for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond. As a Craft verified partner, we are proven experts in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.

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We are Craft CMS Enterprise & Commerce Verified Partner

We have been officially acknowledged as a Craft CMS and Craft Commerce Enterprise Partner, the first digital agency in Hong Kong to have received this certification.


Craft CMS allows for beautifully designed, tailor-made experiences with rich content and is very strong when it comes to operating multilingual websites, which is often a necessary requirement for Hong Kong companies. Because of its versatility, we use Craft CMS for the majority of our web design projects.


With Craft, not only can we bring endlessly flexible and creative possibilities to life, but we are also able to provide our clients with a straightforward, secure and user-friendly platform for managing their own website content once the site is live.

It's a simple and great middle ground for our developers, designers and client content managers to use. Plugins are add-on features, like small apps, that can be added to a website. Craft 3 brings with it a built-in plugin store with hundreds of free and commercial plugin options Like other CMS’, Craft is SEO-friendly. It offers different SEO plugin options, or allows us to build custom SEO tools depending on what is most effective for that client.

SEOmatic is the SEO tool that the SEO experts at and the creators of Craft CMS rely on for handling their SEO.

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Craft Commerce

Small to Medium Businesses

Powerful. Flexible. Bespoke.

Craft Commerce is a self-hosted ecommerce platform that is purpose-built to give complete freedom in design, refreshingly simple multilingual content management, whilst enabling powerful ecommerce features that satisfy the needs of almost all businesses.

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