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What is Craft CMS?

Craft is a flexible, user-friendly CMS for creating custom digital experiences on the web and beyond. As a Craft verified partner, we are proven experts in Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.

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We are Craft CMS Enterprise & Commerce Verified Partner

We have been officially acknowledged as a Craft CMS and Craft Commerce Enterprise Partner, the first digital agency in Hong Kong to have received this certification.

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Craft CMS allows for beautifully designed, tailor-made experiences with rich content and is very strong when it comes to operating multilingual websites, which is often a necessary requirement for Hong Kong companies. Because of its versatility, we use Craft CMS for the majority of our web design projects.

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With Craft, not only can we bring endlessly flexible and creative possibilities to life, but we are also able to provide our clients with a straightforward, secure and user-friendly platform for managing their own website content once the site is live.

It's a simple and great middle ground for our developers, designers and client content managers to use. Plugins are add-on features, like small apps, that can be added to a website. Craft 3 brings with it a built-in plugin store with hundreds of free and commercial plugin options Like other CMS’, Craft is SEO-friendly. It offers different SEO plugin options, or allows us to build custom SEO tools depending on what is most effective for that client.

SEOmatic is the SEO tool that the SEO experts at and the creators of Craft CMS rely on for handling their SEO.

Craft commerce

Craft Commerce

Small to Medium Businesses

Powerful. Flexible. Bespoke.

Craft Commerce is a self-hosted ecommerce platform that is purpose-built to give complete freedom in design, refreshingly simple multilingual content management, whilst enabling powerful ecommerce features that satisfy the needs of almost all businesses.

Craft CMS & Craft Commerce Strengths

Scale into different languages and markets

Craft CMS & Craft Commerce is designed to allow website owners to launch their sites & stores in multiple different languages, in different currencies.


Customised to your business requirements

With Craft CMS & Craft Commerce, there is no need to compromise. With access to the coding of the entire system, our software developers can customise all aspects of the system to meet your exact needs.

Slick Backend

Craft CMS & Craft Commerce has a no-nonsense, slick and modern backend interface that even works perfectly on your mobile phone. The ease of use means that training your staff to operate the website is a breeze.


No Design Limitations

Craft CMS & Craft Commerce is a designer's dream. Working with a blank slate, you will not be restricted to the use of 'themes' and can ensure that your website design is completely bespoke, and any content can be updated in a matter of clicks.

Questions about Craft CMS & Craft Commerce

Is Craft CMS easy to use for non-developers and admins?

A CMS should be configured in a way that is easily operated by admins - that be website owners, clients, and anyone that is not a developer. Intuitive interfaces, relevant and custom features as well as safety and backup measures in case of mistakes!

Operating a website should be fun, easy and a breeze! Some CMS’ are not like this. An average CMS is clunky, hard to use and time consuming. Updating a single page may take the best part of 60 minutes.

This is not Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.

When set up correctly, Craft CMS and Craft Commerce handles more than simple text and images. Content blocks are created which can be mixed and matched to create unique pages and layouts.

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce handles multiple admins and authors. Each with their own account and unique set of permissions. Want to give access to a specific section or page (i.e. blog) - that can be easily done in Craft CMS. Want your author to create a draft and not publish until an admin approves? This can be set up via Craft CMS’ strong permissions functionality.

Craft CMS is friendly and intuitive for admins when creating new content or pages.

The live preview function allows you to edit whilst seeing the front end changes in real time. A draft page functionality allows you to roll back to an older version of your content. Each entry within the CMS can be tied to another entry, tag or category creating a set of relationships that allow for easy assembling of content and linkages.

Craft CMS is a leading CMS not only for developers but for admins, clients and authors.

Is Craft CMS self hosted?

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce is self hosted - giving more freedom and customisation ability over the code, to help increase performance, speed and overall stability of your site.

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce can work on any host that meets the minimum requirements. Craft has put together a short list of hosting providers that have earned a good reputation in the Craft community.

At Butter we self-host 40+ of our clients' websites and use tools to monitor servers 24/7. As part of our hosting and maintenance we perform optimisations and upgrades frequently to ensure our clients websites are running smoothly with lightning fast speed and the latest security.

What language does craft CMS use?

Craft CMS, and its storefront extension Craft Commerce, is an open source content management system, developed in PHP - the most popular developer language. It is an alternative content management system (CMS) to Wordpress as well as e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce is built specifically for the developer community - it is a tool that enables them to have full creative control. Themes or website templates are not used - which allows agencies to commit to a fully custom design and development process. This means that Craft websites will be fully bespoke and custom to client briefs and needs. Craft CMS and Craft Commerce as a framework does provide out of the box features, blocks and useful settings, but from then on - a website or store can be fully customised by agency developers.

Is Craft CMS any good?

When choosing the tech stack for your website or e-commerce platform, there are hundreds if not thousands of choices for the Content Management System (CMS) that powers your platform. You may have heard of popular tech like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. Of these, Wordpress and Shopify are the most well known due to the number of websites and stores that exist on the internet that they power.

An alternative which we love at Butter is Craft CMS and its storefront plugin Craft Commerce. Created in 2011 by Canadian agency Pixel and Tonic, it has fast become a developers favourite loved by the community, agencies and website admins alike.

It is becoming an alternative to WordPress and Shopify due to its usability, strong feature set and ability for agencies to fully customise bot the front and back end. Allowing for amazing websites and storefronts that combine content plus commerce.

Butter as an agency is technology agnostic and will recommend the most appropriate tech stack for every client brief. Craft CMS and Craft Commerce is but one option - and one which has strengths in its ability to design and build the perfect website or store.

Is Craft CMS a headless CMS and Ecommerce platform?

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce does support a headless architecture. Directly from the Craft CMS documentation, they outline the two methods that a front end can be built:

  • Monolithic: building Twig templates for server-generated pages.

  • Headless: using a GraphQL API in conjunction with a separate front end codebase.

Since Craft is a hybrid CMS, you can combine monolithic and headless features to suit your project—or even just for learning.

At Butter we are experts in both monolithic and headless architectures having built multiple sites using both front end methods. One more recent headless project was for Localiiz, where a headless solution was required in order for content admins to publish once to Craft CMS and have content appear on multiple presentation layers (front ends).

What are the benefits of working with a Craft CMS Developer?

Working with a Craft CMS developer gives you assurance that your website or e-commerce store can utilize the maximum benefit that the Craft CMS framework provides. Experienced professionals who have used Craft CMS for many years have a level of expertise that allows them to customize the framework to meet nearly any brief or challenge.

Digital Butter has been working with Craft CMS for over 6 years, and has completed 30+ websites or e-commerce stores using the framework. Butter was the first agency in Asia-Pacific to become enterprise certified - that is, being approved by Craft themselves as a Craft agency and service provider.

Why is Craft Commerce a leading option for content-driven Ecommerce websites?

It comes down to flexibility and customisation. Craft Commerce offers an effectively open source (after a license fee) framework that an experienced developer can customise to meet any store design, functionality and feature requirements.

Not only does it have out of the box e-commerce capabilities that you would expect from any strong platform, it also has the benefit of Craft CMS - which is a flexible CMS framework that can handle any type of content rich experience that you may need for your e-commerce business. Want to combine a blog and brand experience on the front end with transactional ability? We’ve built that before on Craft CMS - check out the Homie Living case study.

Does Craft Commerce offer multi-language support?

It does and it is a perfect solution for websites or stores that want to reach out to audiences that may speak different languages. Not only is it perfect for users and customers, the operation of the platform is seamless, with Craft’s backend being designed with multi-language sites in mind.

Being in Hong Kong, Digital Butter’s clients often require a multi-language site in English. Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese - and Craft’s ability to handle these requirements easily and seamlessly is a key driver to why Butter prefers to use Craft CMS and Craft Commerce.

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