Website Redesign with Improved UI/UX
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E-commerce, Strategy, UX/UI Design
Feast new site desktop and mobile

Complete Redesign with UI/UX Improvement

FEAST was founded in 2016 with a mission to elevate the level of catering and serve the most delicious food.

Platform Objectives

Butter was tasked to redesign FEAST's old website by optimising their UX and UI, and streamlining their back-end check-out and delivery processes to increase their business conversions and revenue.

FEAST Catering new product page
FEAST Catering about us


For this project, we made use of multiple apps to help make the website completely multilingual, ensure check-out processes could be performed with the utmost ease, and enhance their loyalty program’s user-friendliness. We specifically used Translation Lab to help create a fully functional multilingual website. Selly was used for marketing pop-ups. Zapiet helped create a seamless checkout process with both pick-up and delivery options for customers. S Loyalty helped with their loyalty program, as it was locally developed in Hong Kong, it worked well for translation and multilingual purposes.

Zapiet logo
S Loyalty logo
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With a challenging 200-product listing with multiple variants, surprisingly our greatest difficulty lied in setting up the different apps and plugins mentioned above. Apps were often clashing with one another or were incompatible in either English or Chinese, which would hinder the immersive multilingual website experience.

It was difficult to reconfigure FEAST’s existing pick-up and delivery process, as it was linear rather than in calendar form. Moreover, we had to streamline their delivery process with other platforms too such as Deliveroo and KKDay to maximise their revenue opportunities.

FEAST Catering new contact page
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FEAST Cathering mobile responsive design
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FEAST Cathering mobile responsive design for product


Butter greatly improved the UX and UI of FEAST's website which drove total sales from launch (11/11) to the end of 2021 by 250% (compared to the same period in 2020).