E-Commerce Store Redesign
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Radio Controlled Products
Hobbex new website desktop and mobile

Magento Modernisation

Sweden based, Hobbex, specialise in radio-controlled battery automotives - sold direct to consumer via their Magento online store. They originally approached Butter with the request to enhance their homepage as well as find solutions to some of the pain points they had in the backend CMS of Magento.

Platform Objectives

The main objectives were to improve the usability of the platform and make their management less laborious where it could be. For example, fixing caching issues and creating discounts and bundles. The speed of the homepage and really strengthen up the UI/UX using Butter’s e-commerce knowledge in design. There was importance placed on prioritising mobile design. The goal was to modernise it, while also not straying away from their distinctive branding.

Hobbex platform homepage mobile version
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One of the main objectives was to increase the loading speed of parts of the page. There were areas that used full width banner videos, which would not load on some devices, due to its size, so the solution was to change them to images instead.

A strength in content from Hobbex is their instagram, so we integrated juicer.io which pushes their instagram feed through to display on the website. Not only does this also widen their advertising plane, but also elongates the user’s scrolling journey.

Hobbex technology


The Hobbex websites use Magento as their CMS and was pre-built when we began working on it. The challenge here was to make sure that when making changes, they were completely stable and did not create bugs for pre-existing elements.

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After a full homepage revamp, the entire styling of the page was upgraded to a much more minimalistic design that is more intuitive and aligned with e-commerce. The navbar was made more compact and sticky so that when scrolling down the page, it sticks to the top for ease of navigation. We advised to and added in a hot items block on the top “Missa inte” so the client is able to highlight specific products that are in a position to reach the user as soon as they land on the site.

To comply with the minimalistic re-style, we made the categories into smaller tiles rather than full-width banners. This centralised and clear to the user what this company’s core is really all about. We included vertical and horizontal scrolling effects and made the page shorter to consolidate the content and to what they have.

We re-arranged the content blocks and the footer in order of hierarchy so that the user would see the most important content first and used the brand colours to bring attention to specific elements over others. This immediately increased consumer usability and heightened the positioning of Hobbex as a leading e-commerce business in their market.