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E-Commerce Replatforming
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Homewares, E-Commerce
E-Commerce Strategy, UX/UI Design, Platform Build
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An E-Commerce Replatforming

Homie Living is a Hong Kong-based growth company who sells products and curates content for homeware, furniture and smart home appliances. They wanted to create a platform that would give their users a more seamless experience in browsing between their products and their articles, images and other informative content.

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Homie Living's new website is now on https://homieliv.com/ and is not only an e-commerce store, but also incorporates the company's passion in journalism as we included a section of the website that is dedicated to their blog.

The blog is connected with the e-commerce store as well - as there are posts about the products they carry and vice versa.

It is an ocean of different products available to purchase and is intertwined strongly with its blog side, which is a source of reading for new homeowners and those interested in furniture altogether.