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HSBC Try Rugby

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Sports Learning
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The Brief

Our long-term client Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU), in partnership with HSBC, wanted to launch a new e-learning platform for the HSBC Try Rugby Programme. The aim was to design a platform around equipping local primary and secondary PE teachers with the skills, tools and inspiration to bring touch rugby into nearly 270 participating schools and all over Hong Kong.

Platform Objectives

Butter was to build a hybrid learning management system where teachers could take quizzes, watch videos, and receive certificates after passing the relevant courses. The platform was not only looking to manage learning-related sections, but also Media, Events, News and other informative pages as well.

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As this was a hybrid site, functioning both as a Learning Management System (LMS) and a content marketing website, we needed a technology that delivered well at both of those things. We explored a dedicated LMS, but they tended to have a higher recurring cost and would be limited in the creation of a marketing website. This led us to Craft CMS due to its scalability and flexibility. The brief also included complex customised rulesets, which we know Craft CMS is a great candidate for. Most importantly, the website is presented in both English and Traditional Chinese which is another big strength of Craft CMS vs other CMSs.

While some off-the-shelf plugins were used to set up particular functionalities on the site, such as modifying fields and user permissions, the most prominent plugin was created custom from scratch by Butter to fit the requirements of the scope.

This plugin covered various functionalities of an LMS such as allowing the platform to manage surveys and quizzes, time tracking, event registrations, certificate management, and user memberships.

The management of certificates required careful planning for automating customised certificates that were generated upon completion of certain courses. This also meant coordinating how to make it easy for teachers and students to access, preview and download the certificates they needed, while also preserving the privacy of each student’s individual data.

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It was a new challenge for the agency to build out a system which was flexible enough for HKRU to create and edit interactive quizzes that had complex logic behind them, while also making sure the front-end UX allowed teachers to have access to everything they needed in a simple and intuitive way.

For example, setting rules so that if a teacher scored a certain grade on the quiz, they do or do not pass and if the teacher passed a quiz or a course, they receive a specific certificate that had customised information automatically generated on the certificate, mitigating manual work of applying unique names and such to each certificate. Or setting privacy rules so only specific staff members and that teacher would be able to see and download the certificate once logged in.

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The platform is now live with separate setups for teachers and admins. The admins have the flexibility to create and edit quizzes, courses and events. They can also easily manage any user-related settings, such as which teachers have access to what content, exporting certain user-data or analytics, and override specific automations to manage the platform as required.

Teachers have the ability to complete these quizzes and courses and attain the relevant certifications as a result. The frontend provides fantastic UX to give visibility on where they can carry out their learning and make use of their personal dashboards which allow them to view and download their personalised certificates, monitor their time as well as view upcoming events.