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Continuous Partnership with a Hong Kong based Growth Company

Having identified a position in the market for a sustainable fashion company that leveraged deadstock materials from local factories, Love from Blue needed to get to market quickly with a platform that was easy for a small team to manage.

Platform Objectives

Love from Blue has a unique business model founded in the historic shadow that has always been cast over the fashion industry by its lack of sustainable initiatives. Their goal was simple, create a fashion brand that produced zero waste, and created products using deadstock material from local factories.

The key goal of this continuous partnership with LFB for this case study is focused on their email marketing with the milestones of growing their newsletter list, clicks, and revenue.

Butter helped to set up email automation flows (including welcome emails and post-sale flow) that work as 1) an engagement tool to help to accelerate customer engagement through list growth, driving site traffic, and ultimately increase revenue, and 2) a re-education tool that helps to educate LFB's subscribers and (both old and new) customers on their pre-order model and sustainability core mission.

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Mailchimp is used as Love from Blue’s email marketing tool. It supports LFB's current business requirements: a) focuses primarily on the Hong Kong community b) empowers them to reach a global audience

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Love from Blue wanted to get more out of their email marketing channel.

What Butter helped with:

1. Creating a custom-tailored strategy for the current under-utilized channel due to the team limit

  • The team connects with the audience within several marketing channels (e.g. website, Facebook, Instagram), and it's also this focus on omnichannel marketing that has brought them success. While the brand is growing, they wish to have a time-saving solution for email marketing strategy. Hence, we suggested setting up automation flows to highlight their unique brand offer with a more targeted approach to new/ potential customers.
  • Automation flows we've implemented: a) Welcome flow for newsletter opt-in and account creation; b) Post-purchase flow for in-stock product and pre-order products

2. Curating template design

  • Another focus here was to increase the engagement (opens/ clicks) by optimizing the template's visuals. Previously, they're using Mailchimp's basic pre-made template and we wanted to make it reflect the brand identity. In this case, we updated the master template to align with updated best practices and to have a mobile responsive block.

3. Increasing the breadth and depth of the list

  • The current email subscribers mostly come from account creation and purchase orders through the site. Our objective here was to steadily work towards expanding the Opt-In source (e.g. from Instagram, where their target audience is most active) and ultimately increasing the subscriber base.
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We helped to create resonating campaigns and efficient automation, which are the fundamental principles, that guide our strategy with LFB and brought great results.

Results since 1st Dec 2021 to date 21st Jan 2022:

13.3 % Avg.CTR for Welcome flow

22.83% list growth

51.16% lead captured through Instagram landing page