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Strategic Web Design For an

Industry Leading Global Beauty & Fashion Retailer

M.A.C Cosmetics is widely known as one of the top, globally leading makeup brands and is popular across fashion and retail markets selling products both online and in stores around the world. They are often recognised for their limited edition collections which generally showcase a standalone theme or collaborate with a celebrity or pop culture phenomenon.

Platform Objectives

With the intent of launching the new Lightful C³ Collection, the main goal was to bring a fresh and enhanced look and feel to the new campaign website. We were responsible for providing 3 prototype designs to the company which conveyed this renewed and improved collection of products across the user's journey from the homepage to the campaign landing page to the product details pages.

MAC Cosmetics Lightful C Project landing page
MAC Cosmetics Lightful C Carousel


While it is always exciting to bring to the table ideas that are stunningly out of the box, new and interesting to users, the development and configuration behind it needs to be taken into consideration, especially when looking to stay within a timeframe.

It was a challenging process to bring down to earth our more extravagant ideas to meet the feasibility of development on site particularly with a shorter time constraint. We were focused on finding solutions through the use of utilising existing frameworks and producing artworks that complemented these spaces.

MAC Cosmetic HK Case Study


Utilising the given structures, we found ways to bring through M.A.C's high quality imagery to make their products shine while also providing users with relevant information in the allotted spaces. This included creating images with different kinds of compositions so that the content is brought across in the most effective and eye-catching ways. This included for example, the ingredient story on the campaign landing page, the product benefit comparison chart and the colour reference chart on the product details page.