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Global Website Infrastructure

Founded in British Hong Kong in 1956, Tai Ping is an international custom handmade woven carpet manufacturer celebrated for design, superior quality, and unparalleled concierge service.

Platform Objectives

Butter was tasked to help Tai Ping build two global websites - Tai Ping and Edward Fields. These websites would drive transformation within both global companies.

The opportunity for Tai Ping was to revolutionize the way the design trade engaged with manufacturers of high-end carpets and rugs.

By providing tools that help designers in their day-to-day work & connecting them digitally with an archive of designs for inspiration and reference - Tai Ping would help transform an industry that until now works in a more traditional face-to-face way.

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Platform Objective


The luxury carpet brands Tai Ping and Edward Fields house a multitude of unique collections with different collaborators, and thus is heavily populated with content. Craft helped us create custom tags and tagging structures making it the most user-friendly platform for easy content management. Moreover, both the sites were able to easily be managed within a single CMS.

We implemented Algolia as it was the perfect technology that allowed users to easily sift, search, and filter through 3,000+ designs, and a few hundred collections and collaborators.

Using CraftCMS's built-in Multisite functionality, we were able to set up both sites to utilize the same backend and selected content while ensuring that the layouts and styles were unique to each brand's identity. Additionally, some shared content required different prioritization across the two sites, and this was easily achieved through site-specific variables and templates.

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Designing for a company who are renowned for their own design history was no easy feat! We were tasked to create 2 unique UI designs for Tai Ping and Edward Fields, while maintaining brand consistency that both have built over decades.

Aside from design, this was an extremely technical project.

Our key challenge lied in the quantity of content we were dealing with as we needed to migrate over 3,000 designs, 100s of collections and collaborators, and colours from multiple sites seamlessly onto one website. More importantly, we had to standardise this content which involved restructuring and manual intervention.

We created our own custom plugin that enabled different tiers of users across the site. Professional Accounts would be approved by different members of Tai Ping's global team. Once a Professional Account was given access content restrictions were lifted & features unlocked that made their experience personalised.

Even after the launch of the site, we paid close attention to the performance and speed of each site due to the inclusion of large and many images. Implementing various performance techniques that help to ensure a fast and user experience focused platform.

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Not only were we able to create 2 visually compelling and sophisticated websites we also greatly improved the back-end organization structure and internal operations for Edward Fields and Tai Ping by successfully developing a multiple-site CMS.

The site is already being used by 2,000+ of Tai Ping global partners. Who are each spending upwards of 5 minutes on the site and reviewing 15+ designs!