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Performance optimization for E-commerce

Butter and TREE have enjoyed a strong partnership since 2013 - firstly building an e-catalogue platform evolving to an e-commerce platform, and most recently optimising the site for performance.

Platform Objectives

Butter has been a key partner in evolving TREE’s digital strategy - from the design and build of their current e-commerce platform through to re-engineering to focus on key aspects of speed, usability and performance.

TREE’s business strategy revolves around online to offline marketing, with the need for a close relationship between their digital storefront and physical retail locations in Hong Kong. This omnichannel strategy emphasises the need for a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

With TREE’s audience base fast moving towards platform usage across mobile devices, Butter engineered multiple solutions that optimized the platform to meet the high demands of today’s digital consumer. That is, a fast and relevant experience at their fingertips.

Tree products page
Tree collection page


The platform was built using Craft Commerce as the core technology. Craft is powerful enough to give TREE the e-commerce functionalities they require, whilst also giving enough flexibility to allow us to optimize and scale the platform.

Integrated seamlessly within the site is TREE’s point-of-sale system as well as their inventory management software - allowing for an omnichannel experience for both the customer and internal TREE operations.

With customer experience at the forefront of any successful e-commerce platform, we have integrated online-to-offline experience modules, starting with live chat - which links a user directly with an in store sales staff member. Who is willing to take custom pictures of any item on the shop floor!

As with all organisations TREE has a highly complex and custom operational workflow to manage product descriptions, images, pricing and inventory. Leveraging Craft Commerce’s flexibility, we are able to create a bespoke workflow for TREE today and for them to scale in the future.

Tree tools used for the new site


As with any long term e-commerce platform, the emphasis is placed on performance and creating an infrastructure that ensures performance over time. A constant challenge for TREE and Butter is to ensure the technology is always up to date, without impacting customer experience or the operational workflow for Tree.

To solve this challenge, TREE and Butter using Craft Commerce as a flexible and scalable platform have performed multiple updates, tweaks and optimisations to the platform. These changes are validated using site data & analytics from both online and offline. Syncing data across digital and physical allows TREE and Butter to have a full view of their customer - and make data informed decisions that improve infrastructure, user experience and overall sales.

Tree desktop and mobile


With performance at the forefront of the most recent optimisation, TREE and Butter were able to improve the overall speed index of the platform by 82% - ultimately reducing bounce rates and increasing sales.

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