Website Redesign & Custom API Feed with Inflation Data
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Complete Redesign with UI/UX Improvement

Truflation is a Hong Kong-based Web3 company founded by two brothers who want to provide daily, unbiased, data-driven, real-market inflation rates. And make this data available on-chain and off-chain.

Truflation was created to overcome a flaw in the way data is sourced and government bodies calculate inflation rates. For example, the US government gathers data for their inflation data via census and publishes the CPI and inflation rates 40-days after the fact.

Truflation provides a daily inflation rate that is based on millions of data points and real-life transactions - making it more relevant and a more accurate representation of inflation.

At its core it is a Web3 company, storing data on-chain and offering it to the community, making it immutable and censorship-resistant. Truflation powers inflation-protected web3 applications and blockchain economies.

Platform Objectives

The main objective of this project was to create a clean site that easily communicated the actual inflation rate of the current economic landscape. We needed to produce design guidelines to streamline the brand's identity to solidify its online visual presence. It was essential to ensure the site’s design, user experience, and interface were highly professional to be trustworthy for their viewers.

Along with this, we were tasked to develop the Truflation dashboard, a visualisation of the current Truflation statistics, which meant we had to create a system that parsed the data quickly and visualised it for users to read through, providing for an improved user experience. It also needed to complement the digital identity created with the website while holding its own as a stand-alone application.

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Craft CMS was the choice of the framework we used to build Truflation’s site. This was because it was flexible enough to allow us to create a custom integration with their blog publishing tool, Ghost. They also needed a lot of control over content through the CMS, so Craft made perfect sense. Cutting-edge design, they wanted a front that reflected the company and what they were trying to do in the space - so we needed a framework that would accommodate the custom design.

As for their integrations and plugins, we had to use a custom API to pull data from their database. Its computation helped create unique values from the source data, and it also helped create several graphs and data views to present the data on the dashboard.

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One key challenge was the short turnaround as Truflation were looking to launch the platform in time for a convention show we needed to hit the critical date.

Data was another issue we faced, as we had to integrate with their data this meant we needed to plug into their structure to grab data and then ensure that the data processing was efficient and fast.

Another challenge lay in the website and dashboard. The project was to deliver two separate platforms, the core marketing website and the data dashboard. They had to both work independently and in unison.

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Since the launch of their site in April 2022 Truflation’s website performance and visibility has rocketed upwards. They experienced a 1767% rise in new users totaling to 41k new users and a 1039% improvement in views totaling 123k views. Lastly, their engagement has surged by 31%.