ZuBlu Diving

A travel discovery & booking platform
Client type
Strategy, UX/UI design, MVP Build

Powerful Booking Engine Platform for Diving

The ZuBlu web platform marries a powerful search tool with an exciting range of dive destinations and eco-friendly resorts, putting the power of discovery and choice into the hands of ZuBlu's guests.

Platform Objectives

ZuBlu partnered with Digital Butter with the vision of creating a business that combined their passions of diving, underwater photography and sustainability, while driving to create an easier experience for like-minded travellers all around the world who were looking for these types of holidays. They were aiming to centralise a completely decentralised segment of the travel market; booking diving holidays in South East Asia.


We needed to identify a platform that was flexible enough to allow ZuBlu to control content (particularly their Insights/Blog pages for SEO that was central to their early strategy) but would also allow our developers to build on top of it in the future and eventually integrate with another platform to power bookings.

This led us to Craft CMS! The features that are baked into the platform as standard gave ZuBlu the control of the content that they required, and the customisation that Craft allows in development was perfect for our team and for growing the site alongside the company.

We used a range of plugins for this build to improve the basic functionality and make the management of the platform as easy as possible for ZuBlu, such as Form Builder, Imager, and SEOmatic. The largest one was custom-built collaboratively between Butter and their in-house team on the Laravel tool. The flexibility of Craft has allowed us to implement this and allowed the ZuBlu company to grow as a result.


The website at its core was the single tool that Mindset would use to power and track the external registration for all participants of the event. This required a complicated user structure for participants that could compete in a number of event types (individual and team events, for example) and fulfill a number of roles (team leader or individual participant) for example.

Mindset also needed the site and the platform to feed into their event running processes for the weekend of the physical event that allows simple registering of participants on the day for their respective events. All in all, it needed to complement the event perfectly!


The results have been huge for ZuBlu, and not just in a data/statistical view. ZuBlu has raised over $1million in seed funding to date and continues to generate investor interest.

They have gone on to build out their own in-house technical team that is now supported by us at Digital Butter, we’re continuing to work together to constantly improve users experience on the platform and we have successfully implemented a full booking experience for both their customers and their resort partners - getting hundreds of resorts to formalise their booking systems so they align with the ZuBlu vision of a centralised industry is perhaps the most impressive feat of all!

Digital Butter helped ZuBlu create an incredibly powerful and user-friendly discovery platform that is both unique and disruptive within the scuba diving travel industry. Through exceptional client engagement and outstanding implementation, they have delivered an unrivalled user experience and the strongest of foundations for our vision. We can't recommend Digital Butter enough and are looking towards the future of our partnership with great excitement!

Adam Broadbent & Matthew Oldfield

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