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Introducing VenueHub

VenueHub is Hong Kong's market leading, private venue hire website.

With a catalogue of 680 venues, the website covers 33 event categories and 20 venue types, in both English and Chinese.

VenueHub cater to every requirement, from corporate events, to parties and weddings, to unique one-of-a-kind spaces - if you can't find it on VenueHub, it probably doesn't exist!

Our partnership

In 2014, and then listing 200 venues, VenueHub's website platform was not able to cope with the growing scale of the business, and had become difficult to maintain. As a small but rapidly growing startup, VenueHub acquired government funding via Hong Kong's Cyberport (learn about how Cyberport helps startups), to invest in the development of a new website to replace their initial platform.

After a search for a good Hong Kong digital agency with the right balance of strengths in website design (User Interface and User Experience), and technical development, VenueHub partnered with Digital Butter in late 2014.

Responsive Web Design by Digital Butter for Hong Kong Startup VenueHub

2014 - Investing in the Future

For their users, VenueHub wanted a fresh, mobile responsive design & improved user experience, and for themselves, a way to easily and efficiently manage their rapidly growing portfolio of venues, with a modern and flexible Content Management System (CMS), granular data export & analysis tools and simple Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management.

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Digital Butter produced a full site re-design, leveraging VenueHub's existing branding, resulting in a bold, bright and exciting interface for users to browse. Category pages were each uniquely customised depending on the event type, and venue pages were developed with beautiful, interactive 720-degree virtual tours, large photo galleries and at-a-glance venue information.

A Venue Shortlist feature was also developed to allow users to contact up to 8 venues with a single request, saving users valuable time and effort searching for the perfect venue.

2016 - The Best Just Got Better

Following the re-launch of the website, VenueHub’s initial 200 venues along with its user base grew rapidly (venues listed grew to 680 as of April 2016) - justifying further investment to put in place a more sophisticated search engine to help users find venues that perfectly matched their needs.

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In early 2016 we worked with VenueHub to develop a powerful Advanced Search feature, giving users the ability to quickly build a detailed search criteria, including event type, venue type, venue capacity, pricing, location, features, venue size and F&B requirements, all whilst having their results update in real time - Try it for yourself now!

Algolia Instant Search by Digital Butter for Hong Kong Startup VenueHub

What's next for VenueHub?

We are delighted to continue our partnership with VenueHub in the coming year and there's no slowing down in sight. Real-time restaurant bookings and full data dashboards for venue owners will be coming soon!

Check out VenueHub.hk


Branding x
User Experience Strategy
User Interface Design
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Responsive Design
Content Management System (CMS)
High performance search
Configurable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Payment Integration and Ecommerce x
Booking Engine x
Analytics integration
Web hosting
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Execution x
Analytics consultancy x
Email marketing consultancy x
Technical / general support


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