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A trusted partnership is as essential to website design strategy as it is to business strategy. When Digital Butter was founded in 2009, we made it our mission to become the best User Experience and User Interface focused web design agency in Hong Kong.

Our UX and UI web design process is centered around empathy - having a complete picture of your end-users and target audiences preferences. As well as a mobile-first approach (responsive design), so that we’re building great experiences that scale across devices.

As a full service web design agency, Butter’s team of web designers and web developers are acutely attentive to website usability, aside from creating visually appealing websites. By staying on top of the latest web design principles and trends, our team is confident to deliver outstanding websites - that fit and speak your brand identities, increase online brand presence, and ultimately convince your target audience to become customers.

Web Design Agency Services

UX Research

We run a structured process to identify and understand user preferences which drive the rationale behind our website design strategy.

User Personas

We practice empathy by building archetypes of future users segmented by demographics, psychographics and usage behaviours. This helps us design and build with the end user in mind.


A visualisation exercise that maps the desired user experience against the key platform goals. It helps us understand a users relationship with each feature, module and page within the platform.

Rapid Prototyping

We use design thinking to reduce usability risk when building a new product or feature. Prototyping via interactive designs & testing key functionality, usability or feature is critical to optimize designs.

User Testing

We believe that agency and client are not the key stakeholders in almost every project - it’s the end users who will validate our work. Through our internal tools we track, measure and record user feedback.


We conduct creative research in the form of creative ‘mood boards’ which articulate the shape and form of how a brand and brand identity is laid out in a digital environment, setting a clear direction for visual design.

Butter's Core Services

Web design is just one element of our web design and web development projects...

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Fully Custom Visual Design

We don't offer standardized, templated products for our website design services for our Hong Kong based clients. We will always tailor a solution based on a brief, brand identity, whether targeting creative challenges in web design and UX design, or technical challenges in website development, customized content management systems (CMS) or more complex web applications and e-commerce platforms.

Design tech

Using the Latest Tools

Our expertise spans to the tools we utilise for UX/UI design that help us uphold your brand identity. These include strategy tools like Flowmapp, visual design and prototyping software such as Sketch, Invision and Figma. Extending to the latest no-code tools like Webflow.

Why choose Digital Butter for website design?

As a Hong Kong-based Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Butter has had the privilege of working with Hong Kong's top brands. Over time, we have developed and honed our methods to produce reliable, attractive web designs that uphold brand identity and can put any business on the map. We always operate under the notion that our clients are our extended partners, so we make it a habit of looping them in each phase of the website development process. We also pride ourselves as a safe pair of hands, having created interactive extensions of top global brands and nurtured Hong Kong startups.

Why do I need web design?

Your website is your asset. However, creating a website is not a simple process. An excellent web designers knows that eye-catching graphic design can only go so far. It’s hard to stand out in Hong Kong’s fast-paced and saturated market. Consumers in Hong Kong are always on the lookout for the next best thing. It requires ingenuity and expertise to adapt to the trends. Improving your website design can help acclerate profitability of your business through proper planning and executing your vision successfully.

Is WordPress the best Website Platform?

At Butter we take a technology-agnostic approach for our Hong Kong based clients, where we assess their needs and objectives and advise them on the best technology solutions. WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used by a development agency, but is not the only choice. A CMS like Craft CMS can provide flexibility when it comes to custom elements within a user interface design as well a completely customisable back end which is configured during the web development stage. Craft CMS comes integration-ready and is powerful enough to be suitable for startups, SME’s and up to enterprise companies.

Are your designs pre-made templates?

As a well known Hong Kong based web design agency, we don't offer standardised, templated products. We will always tailor a digital strategy based on a brief, whether targeting creative challenges in web design and User Experience design, or technical challenges in web development, customised content management systems (CMS) or more complex web applications and e-commerce platforms.

Our user experience and web design process always uses a mobile-first approach, so that we’re building great experiences that scale across devices. We have deep experience working within comprehensive brand guidelines and communications strategies, while also having branding and logo design expertise.

And the best part of all is that our web designers and developers sit under the same roof - so as soon as designs are completed, we move straight to web development!

How long does it take to finish a website?

A web design and web development project from brief to launch can take many months depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our web design and web development projects usually range from 12 weeks to 6 months. You can expect 12 weeks if you have content ready and the site is under 25 pages. For larger web design and development projects that may include various API's and systems integrations or more technical front end solutions, we expect in the range of 4 to 6 months.

Since 2009, Digital Butter has worked with Hong Kong based companies of all shapes and sizes - we've refined our approach and timelines so we know how long it takes to design and build your perfect platform! We're not just a web development agency but a boutique full service agency that can help you from strategy to design and then build.

Do I need to have all my website content prepared prior to contacting you?

Website content will definitely help us in the web design stages of the project. It allows our web designer to understand the content vision of each page and blocks within that page. However, it is not a requirement to have website content upfront, our digital strategy process can help you determine your content needs and our project management will include time for you to prepare and deliver the content.

I’m not based in Hong Kong. Can you still make my business' website?

Although we are a Hong Kong based Digital Marketing Agency, we consistently work with clients from all around the world. Our cloud-based operations and software enable us to connect to each other and clients across any time zone. We've successfully run Web Design and Development projects for clients across Singapore, Australia, UK and USA.

Our web design process allows takes our clients on a journey and delivers them exceptional project management at each step along the way. With the use of video calls, project management software and communications software, we are confident of working with you wherever you are based.

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