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UX and UI Design Focused

When Digital Butter was founded in 2009, we made it our mission to become the best User Experience and User Interface focused Hong Kong web design agency.

Our UX and UI web design process is centered around empathy - having a complete picture of your end-users and target audience preferences. As well as a mobile-first approach (responsive web design), so that we’re building great experiences that scale across devices.

Why Do You Need Hong Kong Web Design Services

Why Do You Need Web Design Services?

Your website is your asset. However, creating a website is not a simple process. An excellent web designers knows that eye-catching graphic design can only go so far. It’s hard to stand out in Hong Kong’s fast-paced and saturated market. Consumers in Hong Kong are always on the lookout for the next best thing. It requires ingenuity and expertise to adapt to the trends. Improving your website design can help accelerate profitability of your business through proper planning and executing your vision successfully.

Web Design Solutions Focus Your Success

A trusted partnership is as essential to website design strategy as it is to business strategy.

As a full services web design Hong Kong agency, Butter’s team of web designers and web developers are acutely attentive to website usability (e.g. responsive web design), aside from creating visually appealing websites.

By staying on top of the latest web design principles and trends, our team is confident to deliver outstanding websites - that fit and speak your brand identities, increase online brand presence, and ultimately convince your target audience to become customers.

Selected Work

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Web Design Hong Kong Agency Services

UX research
UX Research

We run a structured process to identify and understand user preferences of your target audience which drive the rationale behind our website design strategy.

User Personas
User Personas

We practice empathy by building archetypes of future users segmented by demographics, psychographics and usage behaviours. This helps us design and build with the end user in mind.

User Journeys
User Flow & Journey

A visualisation exercise that maps the desired user experience against the key platform goals. It helps us understand a user flow and relationship with each feature, module and page within the platform.

Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

We use design thinking to reduce usability risk when building a new product or feature. Prototyping via interactive designs & testing key functionality, usability or feature is critical to optimize designs.

User Testing
User Testing

We believe that agency and client are not the key stakeholders in almost every project - it’s the end users who will validate our work. Through our internal tools we track, measure and record user feedback.


We conduct creative research in the form of creative ‘mood boards’ which articulate the shape and form of how a brand and brand identity is laid out in a digital environment, setting a clear direction for visual design.

Butter's Core Services

Web design is just one element of our web design and web development projects...

Fully Custom Visual UX Design

Fully Custom Visual Design

We don't offer standardized, templated products for our website design services for our Hong Kong based clients. We will always tailor a digital strategy solution based on a brief, brand identity, whether targeting creative challenges in web design and UX design, or technical challenges in website development, customized content management systems (CMS) or more complex web applications and e-commerce platforms.

As a web design company, our user experience and web design process always uses a mobile-first approach, so that we’re building great experiences that scale and responsive across devices. We have deep experience working within comprehensive brand guidelines and communications strategies, while also having branding and logo design expertise.

Design tech

Using the Latest Web Design Tools

Our expertise spans to the tools we utilise for UX/UI design that help us uphold your brand identity. These include strategy tools like Flowmapp, visual design and prototyping software such as Sketch, Invision and Figma. Extending to the latest no-code tools like Webflow.

And the best part of all is that our web designers and developers sit under the same roof - so as soon as designs are completed, we move straight to web development!

What information do you need from us for you to get a quote for a web design project?

In your request, it's advised to include the following points:

  • The objective and goal of the project
  • Project timeframe and/or deadline that we are expected to meet
  • Budget
  • Site map that lists out all the pages within the website, which give a basic idea of the page structure and this will help us to scope the design and development work that will be involved
  • Structure and functionality the website require, for example would be: product filtering feature, appointment booking, number of language version (e.g. most Hong Kong based companies would offer English and Traditional Chinese as basis)
  • Optional: Website content will definitely help us in the web design stages of the project. It allows our web designer to understand the content vision of each page and blocks within that page. If you don't have content upfront, our digital strategy process can help you determine your content needs and our project management will include time for you to prepare and deliver the content

How long does it take to build a website?

A web design and web development project from brief to launch can take many months depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our web design and web development projects usually range from 12 weeks to 6 months. You can expect 12 weeks if you have content ready and the site is under 25 pages. For larger web design and development projects that may include various API's and systems integrations or more technical front end solutions, we expect in the range of 4 to 6 months.

Since 2009, Digital Butter has worked with Hong Kong based companies of all shapes and sizes - we've refined our approach and timelines so we know how long it takes to design and build your perfect platform! We're not just a web development agency but a boutique full service agency that can help you from strategy to design and then build.

When can I expect to get my quote after submitting an enquiry?

Each individual web design project is quoted based on different needs and set requirements, to specifically match your business needs. In this case, the process would takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the project brief complexity and details provided. Throughout the discovery process, our team and project managers will work together with you to scope out the details of your project as accurately as possible based on the assessment.

Have more questions? Contact us and we'll come back to you! Meanwhile you can also check out our previous work with some of the Hong Kong top brands.

Do you also offer web design for mini site or campaign landing page?

To support our client seasonal promotions, service campaigns or individual product campaigns, we also offer to design and develop small custom websites to meet Hong Kong's top brands and companies business needs and marketing initiatives.

Depending on the scope, complexity оf work, and client’s preparedness, the development and creation time of these small websites can be a lot quicker than the normal website build.

Check out our recent work with MAC cosmetic for their recent campaign "new Lightful C³ Collection".

How do I choose a web design agency?

A few factors to consider when you’re deciding how to choose a web design agency, regardless if you’re a new business or even business that needs a website overhaul. Understanding these components will help you to understand if this is the agency you’d like to partner with, and if their expertise will be matching your expectations and requirements :

  1. Consider your website requirements and decide on the budget
    Prior to deciding if a website builder or Hong Kong web design agency is suitable for you, you’ll have to determine your business needs and understand your website goals and outcomes. Considering all the different pages and functionalities you might need will help the decision process too. For example, do you need an Ecommerce website that sells in different countries and supports multi currency?

    Once you’ve gone through the site functionality needs, you’ll be able to figure out how to get your website set up and consider your options for setting up your website. This will also help you figure out the cost and timeline it takes to set up the website.
  2. Review the agency previous work, relevant experience and reviews
    There are three really important things to look for in a great web design companies: experience, agency culture, and portfolio. These three components are important to look for a great web design agency, they provide insight into how your project will be managed and delivered; and if they’ll be a good fit throughout this partnership.

    a) Portfolio
    Reviewing their previous work allows you to assess their skills and capabilities. It’s also a good benchmark for how they may build a website tailored to your business industry, or at least what standard it is going to be finished to. A pretty website that isn’t easy to use will never outperform a decent website that is simple to navigate.

    b) Experience
    Relevant experience can be review through 2 different ways:
    - How long have they been a web design Hong Kong agency or industry? What’s the size of the web design team?
    - Do they have experience building a website you require, websites that deliver effective results in the long run, or websites that have the features you need for your industry?

    Most web design agencies will conduct thorough research into other companies for inspiration when designing. Your Hong Kong web design agency partner should have processes in place to make the web design and development process simple and easy, support for your website after it’s live, ongoing marketing services to help grow your business, and a team of knowledgeable experts to help ensure your website meets your primary goal.

    c) Reviews
    The reviews are a good way to see how happy clients are with their websites, the level of customer services they received while working together, and if they mention certain team members by name.
  3. How does the agency website looks like
    Having a well branded, easy to navigate and user-experience focused website will speak volumes about what they’re likely to achieve with you.
  4. What is their process:
    Understanding how the Hong Kong web design company you are dealing with will handle the build of your website is very important. This will also give you a benchmark to what input you are going to need from a content and design perspective. In this part of the selection process you will also be able to ascertain how long your website build should take.

    At Digital Butter, we operate under the notion that our clients are our extended partners, so we make it a habit of looping them in each phase of the website design and web development process. With the use of video calls, project management software and communications software, we are confident of working with you wherever you are based. This is why we pride ourselves as a safe pair of hands, having created interactive extensions of top global brands and nurtured Hong Kong startups

Are we able to make changes or update easily through the content management system (CMS) backend?

At Butter we take a technology-agnostic approach for our Hong Kong based clients, where we assess their needs and objectives and advise them on the best technology solutions. Our web design and web development team ensures that your custom Content Management System (CMS) is tailored to fit the needs of your company, and allows non-technical users to be able to manage and take control without any technical knowledge at the end of the web design project.

We understand a well-built CMS is important for your company in saving time and cost, as well as empowering your web administration efficiency. A CMS like Craft CMS can provide flexibility when it comes to custom elements within a user interface design as well a completely customisable back end which is configured during the web development stage. Hence, we design and develop with a long-term solutions in mind by making sure the backend is organized in a way that is intuitive to any human, not just developer.

The team will also share with you the appropriate user training to ensure you’ll have full control of the site.

Do you provide hosting and ongoing website maintenance service?

With the new website completion and live, we are here to support the launch and ongoing optimisation of the websites in a range of areas, as your business requires.

We’ve designed different support retainer time that can be also used across agency for any task, large or small - including but not limited to: Strategy session and workshops, technical and on-page Search Engines Optimisation (SEO), data and analytics and email marketing.

Find out more at our website maintenance plans page.

I’m not based in Hong Kong. Can you still make my business' website?

Although we are a Digital Marketing Agency and Web Design Company located in Hong Kong, we consistently work with clients from all around the world. Our cloud-based operations and software enable us to connect to each other and client across any time zone. We've successfully run Web Design and Development projects for clients across Singapore, Australia, UK and USA.

Our web design process allows takes our clients on a journey and delivers them exceptional project management at each step along the way. With the use of video calls, project management software and communications software, we are confident of working with you wherever you are based.

The only website you'll need

Whether you need a competent but accessible backend CMS, a super fast front end customer experience or a complete website makeover.

Don't settle for less. From the ground up, our custom solutions are made only for you, so that you can get on with doing business, better than your competitors and nothing to hold you back.

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