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Cracking the Shopify Translation Code: Your Ultimate E-commerce Guide

Testing different Shopify translation apps could mess up your code! Read this blog to find out why you should have ONLY one app installed at one time.
Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
November 19, 2021

Picture this — you sell one of the best ice creams in town. You buy raw materials from the best dairy industry, you hired the best interior designers to make your store look stunning and you've adopted the best media tactics to promote your products. But, the majority of people in your town are lactose intolerant and so, cannot enjoy dairy products.

Sounds like an insanely unrealistic example, right? Well, this situation might be made up, but a similar case applies to languages.

You could be catering the best products and while building the best, most appealing website. But if you don't communicate in a language that your audience understands, they won't get what you trying to say in the first place.


When you post about your products on e-commerce sites or any other place online, content is the only way you communicate with your audience. In fact, contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to communicate only in English when you are on the internet. You can simply make sure that the language gets translated through smart and capable Shopify translation apps. You can also add multi-language apps to your Shopify store so your consumers can enjoy hassle-free shopping without any linguistic barriers. In short, Shopify can change the store language. Although we do have a caveat for you—if you add too many translation apps, they mess with the code and it leads to a faulty website. So, in order to avoid a malfunctioning website, here are our Shopify translation apps recommendations for you.

Translation Lab

Translation Lab

With Translation Lab, you can translate all of your store's pages and display prices in several currencies, allowing you to expand your market and increase sales.

Translation Lab manually translates all resources products, collections, blogs, pages, emails & SMS, meta fields, shops, shop policy, links, or product variants and more, into different languages.

It can translate your checkout page, for ease of transaction for your customers. You can also use it to recognize your store visitor's favorite language and load your store in the most relevant language with respect to the global location of your visitor.

Translation Lab can also be used to switch currencies according to your buyer's native country or state. In terms of SEO, Meta tags are automatically translated, and hreflang tags are generated. You may also link your languages to individual domains if you have Shopify International Domains enabled.



In less than 5 minutes, you can have a fully translated store with Weglot. It not only instantly translates your store but also assures easy installation without any code. Weglot can detect new content and translate it without altering your store's custom theme.

You can also use it to easily translate SEO metadata such as meta titles, meta descriptions, and other snippets while adding a language button that may be customized to fit your design.

It also translates all of your store's content, including checkout, email notifications, and dynamic content (pop-ups, reviews, third-party apps, and others).



If you are looking for a translation app that offers you to assign more than one domain to your languages, then Langify could be the best fit for you.

Langify allows you to import or export translations and it supports CSV, PO/MO (gettext), XLIFF, JSON. There is no limit on the number of languages when it comes to translation.

It provides support to translate the images and is intelligent enough to extract all translatable content from your shop and to prepare your themes for the presentation of your translations. Additionally, the customers can also choose their preferred language manually.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Translation Apps help remove the linguistic barriers between you and your consumers. Multi-language apps not only help you in the long term to acquire new customers but also supports in retaining the old ones.

However, we do understand that building or improving your e-commerce website perfectly without any issues could be challenging for a lot of business owners. If you need professional support, get in touch with our e-commerce experts right away.

Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
Digital Strategist
Tiffany is a Biochemistry graduate from CUHK. After graduation, she worked as a Digital & Analytics intern at L'Oréal APAC for more than a year before joining Butter as part of the Graduate Programme. Tiffany now works closely with the Strategy and Business Development Team to meet output expectations and contributes to managing client projects within Butter.
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