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We're known for boutique digital eCommerce agency in Hong Kong. Combining our web design experience and passion for shopping online, our eCommerce expertise covers retail customers, Business-to-Business and Direct-to-Consumer brands.

At Digital Butter we immerse ourselves into our clients’ ventures, taking a consultative approach to digital strategy with e-commerce, to ensure your e-commerce hong kong store stand out from the competition.

We’re agnostic when it comes to e-commerce platforms and being a leading e-commerce developer and web design expert team in Hong Kong we're always happy to offer our advice for your new site.

E-Commerce Hong Kong Services

E-Commerce Hong Kong Strategy
E-Commerce Strategy

We have helped many brands in Hong Kong with E-Commerce strategy. We focus on deep understanding the competitive landscape, the digital customer, online-to-offline digital channels and help with technical planning. All of this while taking into account transition into a digital business model. To provide a good and unique customer experience, the strategy includes: SEO, Paid Ads, UX Design or UI Design and so on.

Clients E-commerce Platform & Data Evaluation
Platform Evaluation

Shopify, BigCommerce, Craft Commerce and Magento are all leading platforms for e-commerce solutions around the world. Our team and project manager will walk you through the benefits of each and help you decide which is right for your online sales - today and tomorrow.

E-commerce API and Integration
APIs & Integrations

Integrations with ERPs, PIMs, IMS's and other software are required to ensure seamless e-commerce operations for your company. Not only do we help plan each integration, but we also have the technical development skills and expertise - to connect and integrate your platform with the likes of Netsuite, Salesforce, SAP and other softwares and web applications.

E-commerce Design and Build
Design & Build

Our in-house designers team have deep expertise in both small and large scale B2B and B2C E-Commerce Platforms with a range technology partners. Our process goes in detail with web design and web development - where the end results are to ensure a secure, stable and scalable platform.

Data Driven E-Commerce Hong Kong Growth Plans for Clients
E-Commerce Growth Plans

Once you've launched your e-commerce platform, we provide growth consultancy to help you maximise traffic, conversion rates and average order values (AOV's). We use data & analytics results to inform our area of focuses and provide rapid optimisation to help drive conversion and sales.

E-Commerce Hong Kong Maintenance
Maintenance & Support

We provide 25+ clients ongoing support with their websites and e-commerce sites, helping them to maintain the security and stability of their platform - We're experts in Shopify, Craft Commerce and Magento.


Indicative pricing for different types of web design & e-commerce development projects, contact us for more detailed information, or feel free to check out our clients work here.

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Evaluating E-Commerce Platforms?

There are a number of established and innovative e-commerce platforms for Hong Kong, hosted and self-hosted, that companies are using around the world to run successful online stores. If you are starting a new e-commerce project, or planning to revamp your existing store, you are likely in the middle of making a decision on which technology you should use.

Develop A Progress for Success

Goal oriented
e-commerce web design

Our e-commerce web design approach focuses on simplifying the customer journey. This means helping customers find what they are looking for quickly, with minimal effort. In order to achieve this from a UX design perspective, we map customer journey and design a new website structure with the goal of making browsing and buying products or services easy.

We then iterate through user interface design (UI design), with business objectives considered at every step for the web design.

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Scalable e-commerce development

At the start of any new eCommerce web design and development project, we'll conduct an assessment of functional requirements, and map out a digital transformation plan for technical delivery. We'll recommend shopping cart software to suit the functional requirement, and ensure that an adequate inventory management system is in place to provide for logistical and operational needs.

When selecting a payment gateway we lean towards delivering a great customer experience, but we will always consider operational requirements of the venture.

Digital marketing
for e-commerce platforms

Whether it's to launch a new e-commerce venture or transform an existing e-commerce platform, the most important thing post-launch is to attract customers to the eCommerce web page.

Search Engine Marketing for E-Commerce Websites

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a very effective strategy to gain unique customer insights, and attract target audience or visitors to the companies landing page. We research search trends and target keywords opportunities that are likely to help the right type of people find our client's products or services in the digital world.

Tech Seo
Search Engine Optimisation for E-Commerce Websites

Similar to PPC, the SEO strategy we research search trends and carefully map keywords to the eCommerce web's pages. We then conduct and implement a combination of onsite and offsite SEO to boost the web page rank organically for searches that are relevant to our client's and their competitors' offering.

Analytics & CRO consultation
Analytics Consultancy and E-Commerce Website Optimisation

Every eCommerce platform should be continuously monitored and optimised. We're always seeking web design ways to make things clearer and easier for customers to shop and complete transactions. Through the process of reviewing, testing, and optimising on the collected data, sales conversion rates can be improved over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build an e-commerce Hong Kong platform?

Building an e-commerce website isn’t just a choice of technology like Shopify, Craft Commerce or Magento. An e-commerce offering is your business model - and requires careful planning from user experience, product offering, pricing, promotion, logistics, payments as well as shipping and logistics around the world. At Butter, we work with clients to understand their demand on digital transition, then recommend the suitable e-commerce solutions and most effective way to build their new site through our project phases of web design, web development and once launched - performance marketing and email marketing to help speed up the path to profitability.

What is the best e-commerce builder?

There are many e-commerce solutions and options out in the market for e-commerce platforms. Each technology has its benefits - ranging from pricing, ease of use, an app marketplace, ease of integration and scaling potential. Shopify is fast to market with out-of-the-box features that help get your store live fast. Craft CMS offers unlimited flexibility and customisation with a stable and secure back end. While Magento is an enterprise-level platform which can connect to the Adobe Experience Cloud to allow for enterprise-level marketing campaigns and analytics.

How do I start an eCommerce business in Hong Kong?

The process to start an e-Commerce Hong Kong company includes following steps:

  1. Registration of e-Commerce businesses in HongKong
  2. Set up a Hong Kong corporate bank account
  3. Research the best solution, tool and digital agency partner for the selected marketplace, e.g. payments, inventory management etc
  4. Apply government funding for your new venture. Here's a list of funding options we've compiled
  5. Set up the marketplace and arrange company management

How to grow our e-commerce business?

E-Commerce is becoming more and more competitive in Hong Kong and the share of overall retail sales increases rapidly. More brands are building and promoting stores with large digital marketing spends. To stand out from the crowd and competition beyond attractive design, we recommend a long term view on digital marketing focusing on - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics to help increase your visibility in the search engine results page as well as Google Shopping. Additional marketing tactics like Paid Search, Social Media Advertising as well as on-site conversion rate optimisation should make up part of any strong digital marketing plan - and this is where you could get help from a digital agency partner!

Why do you use a digital agency?

A full services hong kong based eCommerce and digital agency like Digital Butter - we always stay current of the industry latest principles and trends. Our e-commerce Hong Kong specialists and developers are acutely attentive to eCommerce usability, aside from creating visually appealing websites for our clients.

Our digital agency are confident to deliver outstanding and innovative eCommerce solutions - that fit and speak your brand identities, increase online brand presence, and ultimately convince your target audience to become customers. At Butter, we also believed a trusted partnership with our clients - is as essential to eCommerce strategy as it is to business sales strategy.

What is headless e-commerce?

Headless e-commerce is the separation or decoupling of the front end (presentation layer) of your store with the back end (e-commerce admin panel). APIs the e-commerce platform back end with the front end, enabling multiple presentation layers to run off the same e-commerce engine. Practically, going ‘headless e-commerce’ gives merchants the control of the front-end design removing the need for templates or themes. This allows for user friendly experience design and conversion optimization that helps drive increased sales/ conversions, order value and revenue.

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