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Research-Backed Website Design Tips to Boost Your Results!

Increase your conversions by up to 53% with these research-backed website design tips! Looking for web design for Hong Kong businesses, get started here.
Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
August 20, 2021

Your website is the digital face of your business/brand. It's the salesperson of your team that's on duty 24/7.

A powerful website is key to attract quality traffic and converting leads into sales. Building a strong website is an ongoing process. Here are a few research-backed tips covering web design for Hong Kong businesses:

Run Ahead of Distractions

Run Ahead of Distractions

Have you left a website when it took too long to load?

Almost half of the visitors expect websites to load within 2 seconds before they leave.

If your website pages load immediately, it increases the chances of conversion by 53%. Here's the brilliant research by Google to prove that.

We get our groceries in 15 minutes, it's no surprise we'd want the website content to load within seconds.

If your UI design isn't optimized for high speed, you might be losing out on business. One statistic shows that revenue per user for businesses drops by 2.8% if there's a decrease of 1000 ms in load time!

Unfold the Fold

Unfold the Fold

There's been a lot of discussion about website fold in the world of design. Some believe it's of no use anymore because of the number of screen sizes out there, others still swear by it.

According to a Nielsen Norman Group study, 80% of visitors' page-viewing time is above the fold!

So if the most important information in your design is below the fold, you risk people not giving it a look at all.

Having said that, you don't need to put everything above the fold. Instead, split your call to action buttons between the top and bottom parts of your web page.

Above the fold is a precious piece of real estate of your visual design. Make the most of it!

People Trust People

People Trust People

A famous case study by Base Camp compared pages with and without people's pictures in them. The one with pictures converted 37.5% more compared to the ones without human faces.

Why is that?

It's because we're all humans. We spend our entire lives looking at people's faces and communicating with them. When we see a person, our primitive brains spark up the friendly alarms and we notice a lift in results.

As you add human pictures to your web pages, remember to use the pictures of real people. It's more effective in comparison with stock images, as per a study by NN Group.

So, to make your users notice your webpage, let's get more human.

The World's Gone Mobile

The World's Gone Mobile

4.4 billion.

That's how many people use the internet. Out of those 4.4 billion people, 2.87 billion used a mobile device in 2020. Of all the time spent on digital media, 57% is through a mobile device.

With a mobile-unfriendly website, you risk disappointing two-thirds of all internet users.

As per Google, the lack of a mobile-friendly website is like shutting down business for one day every week. So, how often does your business get shut down without your knowledge?

Let's put your web pages to the test. Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to immediately spot weak areas on your mobile website.

Your website should have a responsive design that's mobile-friendly. If you don't have that, putting it on high priority in your content strategy would be a good idea.

Let's Get Started!

If you have a website, use this list as a litmus test to see what kind of user experience you're serving.

If you're in the middle of your web development process, use this as a foundation.

Website design can make or break your business. It's important to use research-backed strategies built with the ultimate users in mind.

Need help with building your website or have some questions? Send us a message! Our team of experts from web design in Hong Kong will be right there!

Tiffany Pau
By Tiffany Pau
Digital Strategist
Tiffany is a Biochemistry graduate from CUHK. After graduation, she worked as a Digital & Analytics intern at L'Oréal APAC for more than a year before joining Butter as part of the Graduate Programme. Tiffany now works closely with the Strategy and Business Development Team to meet output expectations and contributes to managing client projects within Butter.
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