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Finally, building out the web platform involved leveraging robust web technologies - PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a dynamic and responsive website that adapts gracefully to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. A comprehensive analytics tracking framework was mapped out and integrated, to provide ongoing insights into customer usage of the platform.
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The New Child’s Own experience is one of simplicity. A user is able to place an order on any page of the website using an innovative and streamlined order form. Making subsequent changes to the order is clear and straightforward, and can be achieved on multiple pages. Payment gateway integration has been implemented seamlessly, remaining completely on brand. Optional password protected customer accounts can be activated easily, allowing customers to return to the site and review previous orders, check in on the status of an order in progress, and change contact and login details.
The CMS provides flexible e-commerce tools for administering products and orders, and creating sales and discounts. It automatically transmits branded mobile friendly email updates to customers at each step of the purchase process, including reminders if a customer fails to complete their purchase. Detailed reporting allows the Child’s Own team to conduct in depth reviews of marketing efficacy, while a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard allows senior management to login for an instant snapshot review of website performance.. Through integration of third party software, live chat functionality provides customers real-time access to customer support, while the system also functions as a comprehensive CRM system, arming Child’s Own with a powerful tool for monitoring leads, sales and creating detailed user segmentation for marketing.
Automation of order purchasing has dramatically reduced lead times for order fulfillment, while also benefitting cash flow as monies are secured up front. Child’s Own is now in the process of expanding its local marketing and customer service coverage in major countries around the globe, and we look forward to assisting with their continued growth.
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Strategic Planning
Child’s Own owes its beginnings to a simple idea: Use a child’s drawing as the design for a plush toy — in essence, bringing the drawing to life. This idea snowballed into a real business for founder Wendy Tsao back in 2007, where a simple blog was able to generate enough demand to keep her in business for years to come. Child’s Own was eventually taken over by a larger team who was able to scale the manufacturing and product line while maintaining the custom and unique feel the brand was now known for. However, as orders grew,  confirming orders, taking payment and fulfiling orders was time consuming, and in turn costly. In parallel to this, using email for communication with customers meant further inefficiencies throughout the business. Child’s Own needed a new web platform to help market the product, a new automated ordering and fulfillment solution to process orders and an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track leads and communicate with customers in real time.
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Child’s Own is an innovative, e-commerce platform for marketing and selling one-of-a kind plush toys based on drawings, selfies or photos of your pet. Learn how Digital Butter re-imagined the Child’s Own experience and helped build a modern, market leading platform.
How can we reduce lead times, increase efficiency and reach a wider audience?
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An essential first step was to map out optimal customer journeys for the new website, which needed to consider operational workflows between the website and the manufacturer. It was critical to understand how information flowed between each section of the business and how and where productivity bottlenecks could occur. This process dictated how the Content Management System (CMS) and e-commerce admin dashboard  would be developed, and laid the groundwork for the introduction of a new communications tool.
Re-design, automate and scale the process of taking and fulfilling orders of unique one-of-a kind plush toys while integrating a full communications platform for customer service and marketing to a new, global audience.
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Creative Production
The next step was conceptualising and wireframing a fresh new look for the Child’s Own website by defining the application of a new visual identity, through the selection of colour systems, image assets and typography to execute a playful and attractive design targeted at Child’s Own key customer demographics. We maintained a key focus on User Experience (UX), with the objective of delivering a clear route through the decision making process, to navigating through the sales funnel towards making a purchase.
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Technical Execution
How can we reduce lead times, increase efficency and reach a wider audience?
The Finished Product
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Strategic Planning
Creative Production
Technical Execution